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Toi Toi Toi – Parade der Darstellenden Künste

Exhibition reflections

(print) Invitation card for the exhibition “Reflections” of Störmer Murphy and Partners architects.


Religion und Stadt

(print) Book project “Religion and the city” with Schulz and Schulz Architects.

Jan Störmer

(print) Book about the work and life of architect Jan Störmer.

Edition Solitude

(print) Corporate design for Edition Solitude publishing.

Festival of Future Nows – Hamburger Bahnhof

(print) Visual identity for the Festival of Future Nows 2017 –> ∞.


(print) Snapshot book for Schulz and Schulz Architects.

Jeunesse et Reconstruction

(print) CI for the Paris based NGO Jeunesse et Reconstruction.

Akademie Schloss Solitude

(print) Exhibition posters and flyer for Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Perfect Scale

(print) Book project “Perfect scales for architectural design and construction”.

Acting Archives

(print) Book design “Acting Archives – A User’s Manual”.

Möglichkeiten einer Insel

(print) Poster for the exhibition “Möglichkeiten einer Insel” for Kunstfreunde Lindau.

Where Architects Work

(print) Seventy-six architectural firms, in German-speaking countries and internationally, open their doors and show us the spaces in which they work.

Berlin Science Week

(print) Identity and program for Berlin Science Week.

Cool World – Lilli Kuschel

(print, web) Catalogue and app for photo and video artist Lilli Kuschel.

Festival of Future Nows – Neue Nationalgalerie

(print) Timetable installation, floorplan and flyer for the “Festival of Future Nows”.

Kunst Zeit

(print) Exhibition Poster for the exhibition “Kunst Zeit” for Kunstfreunde Lindau.

40 years JUSO-HG exhibition

(print) Exhibition at Willy Brandt Haus, Berlin.

a-b-a-b-a: from hear to here

(print) CD cover and booklet.

Mapping everything

(print) “Mapping Everything” documents a collaborative, educational experiment between the Institut für Raumexperimente and the Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur, ETH Zürich.

MY KILOS products sheets and folder

(print) Catalogue for product design label MY KILOS.

Das stille Band

(print) Poster for “Das stille Band”, a choreographic a cappella opera by Magda Korsinsky.

IFREX certificate

(print) Certificates for the participants of the Institut für Raumexperimente.


(print) Fashion brochure for Initiative Handarbeit.

Hotel Haus am See

(print) Corporate design for Hotel Haus am See.

Accidental Accomplishment

(print) Poster and Flyer for the exhibition “Accidental Accomplishment” at Institut für Raumexperimente.

Glasauge – exhibition in a bunker

(print) We made a poster, flyer and floorplan for the exhibition “Glasauge” by the Institut für Raumexperimente.

Gestalt der Idee

(print) Leaflet for the exhibition “Gestalt der Idee” by Kunstfreunde Lindau.

Windows on Architecture

(print) Flyer and Poster for lecture series at FU Berlin.


(print) Fashion brochure for Initiative Handarbeit.


(print) Poster, flyer and leaflet for this year’s Kunstfreunde exhibition “NINFA” of the artist Christoph Brech.

Lentil cookbook

(print) Lentil cookbook with 12 recipes and lunar calendar for 2014.

Peter Weibel Poster

(print) Poster for a lecture of Peter Weibel.

Jeunesse et Reconstruction 2012

(print) For the Paris based NGO Jeunesse et Reconstruction, we developed the CI further and reacted to the new needs of the organisation.


(print) iloveleo is a frozen yoghurt startup from Munich.

Moment Dokument

(print) Poster, flyer and booklet for the exhibition “Moment – Dokument” of the artists Leonie Stade and Hubert Kaltenmark.

Kunstfreunde Lindau

(print) For our friends from Lindau, we made a few things for the solo show by the painter Volker Lehnert.


(print) Lookbook for the fashion collection “JUSTIN” by Kunji Baerwald.

Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

(print) Catalogue and poster for the artist Thilo Frank.

Institut für Raumexperimente Olafur Eliasson – Mapping everything

(print) Map/Flyer for the exhibition “Mapping everything”.

Bauwelt Edition

(print) Folded poster series for the architecture magazin Bauwelt.


(print) Spread for the weekly series “Mehr Berlin” in Tagesspiegel Saturday, October 8th 2011.


(print) Business cards for Groschmeier design studio.

Ideas are Motion Poster/Flyer

(print) Posterflyer for a show of Institut für Raumexperimente in Zagreb.

Kein Katalog

(print) The logbook-like catalogue shows the interdisciplinary cultural process of Salon e.V. Hildesheim. Published at Edition Paechterhaus.


(print) CD, booklet, business cards and poster for the band POPSTICKEL.


(print, web) Visual identity for the exhibition PROVINZ – Eine Ausstellung im Sommer 2010.

Books und Beats

(print) Invitation postcard for „Books and Beats“ festival.

“Ja ich interessiere mich für das Haus der Familie Alpha”

(print) Poster for a lection by Leif Randt and Andreas Stichmann.


(print) Poster as a comment on the political situation in Switzerland in 2009.

Freie Universität Berlin

(print) Poster and Flyer for two conferences held at the FU Berlin.

Catalogue Eva Teppe

(print) Catalogue for the artist Eva Teppe. Published at Kerber Verlag.


(print) Design of the fashion publication by Daniela Struwe.

Christian Gahl

(print) Visual identity for Christian Gahl, photographer for art and architecture.


(print) Concept and design of a series of magazines.


(print) Design of a magazine for Hertie School of Governance.

La Paloma

(print) Various postcards with pigeons.